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The Lost City is an adventure rom-com about disenchanted romance novelist, Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock) who's indulging her publicist by going on a book tour with her male cover model, Alan (Channing Tatum). When the hunky himbo gets more attention than Loretta, she's ready to throw in the towel on her writing career. But before she can end ...

Isn’t it Romantic? Making Sense of the Romance Genres

If you’ve got a great idea for a movie centered on a romance the first thing you need to do is understand the structural differences that define each romance genre. Here are the three primary romance genres and some thoughts on how to approach them.

MAN UP, a romantic comedy from writer Tess Morris

Just when you thought the romantic comedy was dead, along comes this little beauty staring Lake Bell and Simon Pegg. Man Up is the story of two people who meet on a blind date, only one of them isn’t supposed to be on that date. Wait, let’s back up for a minute. Because this is a true story based on something that happened to screenwriter ...
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