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Bonni Cohen opens up about the difficult journey making the doc Audrie and Daisy

Documentary director Bonni Cohen talks about the tough decisions she and other filmmakers have to make when taking on dark subjects like abuse.

IRAQI ODYSSEY, a family film about living outside your homeland from writer/director Samir

“What’s the meaning of identity? How do you create your identity?” asks writer/director Samir when talking about the inspiration for his documentary Iraqi Odyssey, the story of how one family came to live outside its home country. After Samir finished his 2002 documentary Forgotten Bagdad: Jews and Arabs – The Iraqi Connection, a ...

CAN YOU DIG THIS, a documentary about planting gardens in Compton from Delila Vallot

Writer/director Delila Vallot had a mother from Hollywood and a father from south Los Angeles. So, when she visited her father’s neighborhood from time to time, she became fascinated with its residents. After seeing a recent trend in planting gardens in Compton, she decided to make a documentary about it. “When I was a kid I used to ...

A FASTER HORSE, a documentary on the Mustang from David Gelb

It’s been 50 years since Ford unveiled the first Mustang. The moment was revolutionary for American cars and its pop culture. “People have a real emotional connection,” says director David Gelb of the relationship many people around the world have with the car. “I had this feeling of how cool Mustang was and had these fond memories ...

THAT SUGAR FILM, a sit down with writer/director Damon Gameau

We’ve all heard before how bad sugar is for the body, for kids and why we should cut it out, but you’ve never heard it quite like this. Australian TV personality Damon Gameau created a documentary about sugar that will have you throwing out every cup of low fat yogurt, healthy cereal and juice in your house. That’s right, That Sugar Film ...

Dave LaMattina and Chad Walker on I AM BIG BIRD: THE CAROLL SPINNEY STORY

He’s big. He’s yellow. He’s super friendly. He’s Big Bird, the iconic muppet character who stars on the PBS show Sesame Street. You might know a lot about Big Bird... his sweet and sensitive nature, but chances are you probably know nothing about the man who has stood inside the suit for more than 40 years. His name is Caroll Spinney, ...


Lesley Chilcott started her career as a documentary producer working on Al Gore’s global warming film An Inconvenient Truth and from there went onto produce a documentary about the world of education, Waiting for ‘Superman.’ Now Chilcott has helmed her first documentary as a director – A Small Section of the World. A Small Section of the ...
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