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The Road to the Oscars: Best Adapted Screenplay

How do you go from dreaming of being a screenwriter to one day waking up an Oscar nominee? Here are brief biographies of this year’s nominees for Best Adapted Screenplay to help answer that question.

THE REVENANT, a harrowing thriller from screenwriter Mark L. Smith

“What they went through was just incredible. I’d watch for hours as Leo was just laying submerged in an icy river,” says screenwriter Mark L. Smith of his time on the set of The Revenant, the film about the true story of 19th century fur trapper Hugh Glass. “It was miserable at times for people, but I do think it served the film ...

TRUMBO from screenwriter John McNamara

“This was literally non-paid labor for seven or eight years,” screenwriter John McNamara laughs when asked how he came across the idea to write Trumbo, the biopic about Hollywood’s most famous blacklisted screenwriter. “I wrote the screenplay on spec back in 2008. It’s the best David and Goliath story that Hollywood and Washington D.C. ...

Screenwriter Graham Moore on THE IMITATION GAME

Screenwriter Graham Moore has been obsessed with mathematician Alan Turing since he was a teenager. This obsession paid off. He is now nominated for an Oscar for best adapted screenplay for The Imitation Game – the story of how the code-breaking genius cracked the Nazi encryption machine and won World War II. So, how did Moore take his childh...

BIRDMAN Writers Thought No One Would “Get It”

Write a script that takes place in one shot staring Michael Keaton as a burnt out action hero? It sounded just crazy enough to work said the writers of Birdman, the indie sensation that’s sweeping the art house theater scene and bringing the Oscar buzz to its contributors. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 94% and a general thumbs up through word ...

Screenwriter Anthony McCarten on THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING

The private life of physicist Stephen Hawking comes alive on screen in the adaptation of his ex-wife’s book about their life together. Beginning in the early 60s at Cambridge University and following the couple through marriage, Hawking’s fame and three children, the story tracks the couple’s life and struggles – emotional and physical. ...

Interview: ARGO Screenwriter Chris Terrio

Screenwriter Chris Terrio got lucky, he says. That’s the only way he can explain how a first time writer like himself got the opportunity of a lifetime – to write a move directed by Ben Affleck. The new political thriller,Argo, received a standing ovation at Toronto Film Festival and is fast becoming the most talked about drama of the year. ...
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