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Writer/director Cherien Dabis on MAY IN THE SUMMER

Growing up in America with Palestinian roots gave filmmaker Cherien Dabis a unique view of life. She traveled to Jordan each summer with her family and soon learned that in both places she felt at home but at times also felt like an outsider. Dabis took that struggle of national identity and turned it into a film. She wrote, directed and starred ...

Geoff Moore and David Posamentier on BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY

“The script that we shot was almost the same as the script that we set up,” says Geoff Moore, co-writer and director, of his new indie comedy Better Living Through Chemistry. Shooting the script you wrote is a rarity in Hollywood. Things have a tendency to change once more people get involved in the story process. Moore and his writing and ...

Screenwriter Kelly Marcel on SAVING MR. BANKS

Saving Mr. Banks is the movie that no one ever thought Disney would make – the real story of how Mary Poppins came to be a beloved children’s film. The classic film about the magic nanny has warmed hearts for a generation, but the story of how it became such a film wasn’t as easy as pulling an umbrella out of a bag. The film was based on a ...

Writer/director Ted Koland on BEST MAN DOWN

Romantic comedies usually end with a wedding. Best Man Down starts with one, but not everything goes well for the couple after they walk down the aisle. First off, their best man drops dead shortly after the reception. That’s a left turn we haven’t seen before. “Frankly, I never thought it would get made,” said screenwriter Ted Koland ...
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