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Interview: Screenwriter Jody Lambert on Indie Drama, PEOPLE LIKE US

“I don’t think we ever thought this movie was going to be made at a studio and at this level,” says screenwriter Jody Lambert from the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills while conducting a one-on-one interview with ScreenwritingU about his new film People Like Us. And, why is that? Because this film was such a departure from the type of movie ...

Interview: BRAVE’s Mark Andrews reveals the secret to writing a Pixar movie

Ever since the first Toy Story came out and brought us all to tears, screenwriters around the world have wondered what happens in the secretive Pixar writing room. ScreenwritingU brings you the inside story to what really happens behind closed doors when writers get to create a movie for Pixar with our one-on-one podcast interview with Brav...

The Raven – An Interview

Hal Croasmun of ScreenwritingU interviewed screenwriters Hannah Shakespeare and Ben Livingston about about their move, THE RAVEN. THE RAVEN is directed by James McTeigue and stars John Cusack. In this interview, Hannah and Ben talk about: The power of a great concept. The research that went into THE RAVEN. How this deal came together for the ...
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