month : 04/2014 2 results

Writer/producer Drew Fellman on ISLAND OF LEMURS: MADAGASCAR

Writing and producing a documentary about the lemurs of Madagascar is no easy task. Transportation is difficult, roads can be in place one week and suddenly gone the next and some lemur habitats on the island are a little more than inaccessible. But that didn’t stop writer/producer Drew Fellman from achieving his dream of bringing the story of ...

Screenwriter Nick Stoller on MUPPETS MOST WANTED

A-list screenwriter Nick Stoller of Yes Man, Get Him to the Greek and The Five-Year Engagement fame is back for Muppets Most Wanted and this time, Kermit is on a rampage. Well, it looks like Kermit is on a rampage, but actually it is Kermit’s doppelganger, the evil Constantine, who is out to do no good. When Kermit gets kidnapped and replaced ...
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