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Booksmart writer turns high school into a hilarious war zone

Booksmart isn’t your typical high school party movie. Writer Katie Silberman and actress-turned-director Olivia Wilde intended it to be Clueless for Gen Z and embrace the risk-averse attitude of a generation raised on iPhones. While the lead characters may be snowflakes, the movie is full of so much heart and humor you’ll want to see it again -- it’s that good.

Writer/director Joe Swanberg on DRINKING BUDDIES

He doesn’t write a full script. He doesn’t write dialog. And he doesn’t care if it turns out exactly how it is on the page. Writer/director Joe Swanberg’s take on screenwriting will blow your mind. “I’m a pretty collaborative person,” says Swanberg. He finds mixing a documentary style of filmmaking with actors’ improv creates the ...
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