day : 19/08/2014 2 results

Writer/director Cherien Dabis on MAY IN THE SUMMER

Growing up in America with Palestinian roots gave filmmaker Cherien Dabis a unique view of life. She traveled to Jordan each summer with her family and soon learned that in both places she felt at home but at times also felt like an outsider. Dabis took that struggle of national identity and turned it into a film. She wrote, directed and starred ...

Screenwriters Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland on THE LAST OF ROBIN HOOD

Errol Flynn was one of the great dramatic actors of Hollywood’s golden era. Known for his swashbuckling characters and his playboy lifestyle, it was less than shocking when his life ended abruptly at age 50 in the throws of a scandal with a 17-year-old ingénue. The Last of Robin Hood tells the story of Flynn’s final two years and the ...
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