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Office Christmas Party writer Justin Malen on writing a comedy in the shadow of a messy election

Justin Malen, along with screenwriters Laura Solon and Dan Mazer, each added their wit, personal experience and twisted holiday spirit to Office Christmas Party, making it one of the funniest films of the year. As a former corporate lawyer, Malen is very familiar with office culture and stiff holiday parties. To write this screenplay, he ...

Documentary filmmakers Kief Davidson and Daniel Junge on A LEGO BRICKUMENTARY

Less than ten years ago, the Lego Group struggled with a debt crisis that nearly caused them to go bankrupt. It’s hard to believe that was even possible given the rise of Lego building sets and The Lego Movie that grossed more than four and a half million dollars in worldwide. “Everything is awesome” seems to be the name of the game when ...

BAD WORDS screenwriter Andrew Dodge

How do you sell a spec script in Hollywood? It used to be that a writer would have to acquire representation, an agent or a manager, who could send the spec material out into the marketplace and hope a studio or production company would make an offer. That was before The Black List, an industry list of the best unproduced spec scripts voted on by ...
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