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First Man writer Josh Singer on writing a nontraditional character arc

As storytellers, many of us frame our screenplays around The Hero’s Journey architecture, where the hero goes on a dangerous quest and returns forever changed. In many ways, the new film First Man, about astronaut Neil Armstrong, is the ultimate hero’s journey – he spends years sacrificing as he prepares to go to the moon, then, despite setbacks that are both scientific and personal, he makes the perilous journey to the moon – a huge victory for himself and for humanity – and returns home triumphant.

Screenwriter Josh Singer on THE FIFTH ESTATE

By Jenna Milly Those familiar with eccentric WikiLeaks inventor Julien Assange know that writing a movie about him would be an enormous endeavor to say the least. Screenwriter Josh Singer got his fill when asked to adapt two books, hundreds of online articles and a heap of text chains between Assange and his coworkers into one two-hour movie. ...
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