Writer/director Claudia Myers on FORT BLISS


“For a long time I wanted to write a story about woman who was struggling to balance her career and her relationship with her child,” says Claudia Myers about her inspiration for Fort Bliss. The indie drama is about a female soldier who comes home after her second tour abroad and has to decide whether she wants to return to the front lines – despite all the horrific things that happen to her there – or stay home with her five-year-old son who has been away from his mother for most of his life.

It’s a tough choice for any parent, says Myers, who collected stories from soldiers while shooting a military training film.  “How can you be a good parent and also do something that puts you away from your child?” Myers asks.

“There are certainly a lot of difficult scenes in the film,” says Myers “There were a lot of moments on set that me personally and I think the rest of the crew was affected by what was coming to life.” She found the topic to be very emotional and controversial. But it is one that many military families deal with daily. Myers has received positive feedback from the military community. “I think they do respond to the level of authenticity of the film,” says Myers.

ScreenwritingU sat down with the writer/director to hear about her process, how to change hats from one element to the next and what it was like to work with such a controversial topic.

Fort Bliss stars Michelle Monaghan and Ron Livingston.

Photo credit: Voltage Pictures 

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