month : 09/2015 3 results

PAN, the new magical journey to Neverland from writer Jason Fuchs

Screenwriter Jason Fuchs has been obsessed with Peter Pan since he and his dad were stuck on the Peter Pan ride at Disney World when he was 9 years old. Since then, Fuchs has been fascinated with the idea of writing Peter Pan’s origin story. Fuchs says he remembers being fascinated by all kinds of questions. What was it like when Peter first ...

PAWN SACRIFICE, a thrilling chess drama from Steven Knight

The most famous chess player of our time is also the most complicated. In the late 1950s, a boy from Brooklyn named Bobby Fischer took the world by storm when he became the youngest grandmaster in chess up at age 15. When screenwriter Steven Knight sat down to write Pawn Sacrifice, the new biographical thriller about the chess genius, ...

THE SURFACE, a drama from director Gil Cates Jr. and screenwriter Jeff Gendelman

It took screenwriter Jeff Gendelman nearly two decades to see his quiet, psychological thriller The Surface become a reality. The story takes place on Lake Michigan where a young man comes across a stranger who is delivering a mysterious package. The film co-stars Sean Astin, Mimi Rogers and Chris Mulkey. “I grew up on the lake as a child ...
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