month : 12/2015 5 results

THE MARTIAN from screenwriter Drew Goddard

When a producer called up screenwriter Drew Goddard (World War Z, Cloverfield, The Cabin in the Woods) and told him he should adapt an e-book called The Martian, Goddard told him that sounded like a terrible idea. But it wasn't long before Goddard along with many other fans realized this e-book about an American astronaut stranded on Mars ...

BLEEDING HEART, an emotional thriller from writer/director Diane Bell

“She’s incredibly brave and open. She had no ego and no vanity at all,” says writer/director Diane Bell of working with actress Jessica Biel on her thriller Bleeding Heart. The film is set in the serene world of the Southern California yoga community. Biel plays May, a peaceful yoga instructor who discovers she has a half sister. ...

IRAQI ODYSSEY, a family film about living outside your homeland from writer/director Samir

“What’s the meaning of identity? How do you create your identity?” asks writer/director Samir when talking about the inspiration for his documentary Iraqi Odyssey, the story of how one family came to live outside its home country. After Samir finished his 2002 documentary Forgotten Bagdad: Jews and Arabs – The Iraqi Connection, a ...

THE LETTERS, a biopic on Mother Teresa from writer/director William Riead

Do you need divine intervention to write and direct a film about Mother Teresa? William Riead didn't think so, although that’s not what he kept hearing while making The Letters, the new biopic about the life of a nun who dedicated her life to helping the "poorest of the poor" in the slums of India. Riead came up with the idea after ...

CAN YOU DIG THIS, a documentary about planting gardens in Compton from Delila Vallot

Writer/director Delila Vallot had a mother from Hollywood and a father from south Los Angeles. So, when she visited her father’s neighborhood from time to time, she became fascinated with its residents. After seeing a recent trend in planting gardens in Compton, she decided to make a documentary about it. “When I was a kid I used to ...
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