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Writer/director Georgina Garcia Riedel on ANA MARIA IN NOVELA LAND

If you’re writing a switch movie this is the podcast for you. What’s a switch movie, you ask…?  It’s only one of the greatest inventions of filmmaking – where one character’s mind gets teleported into another character’s body. Think Jodie Foster in the 1976 version of Freaky Friday. And then, Jamie Lee Curtis in the 2003 ...

Screenwriter Paul Shoulberg on WALTER

Screenwriter Paul Shoulberg started his writing career as a playwright. So, how did he go from writing plays in New York to living in the Midwest and writing a script about a man named Walter who is in charge of deciding who goes to heaven and hell? Shoulberg started with a monologue. Just a few words on a page from the mouth of one character ...

Writer/director Susanna Fogel on LIFE PARTNERS

“Romantic relationships come and go, but friends are supposed to be forever,” says writer/director Susanna Fogel of the premise for her new female buddy comedy, Life Partners. The quirky indie takes a look at two best friends who find their relationship challenged when one gets a serious boyfriend. How can these two friends accept the change ...

Screenwriter Bill Kennedy on SEX ED

When it rains, it pours. This is exactly what young screenwriter Bill Kennedy learned when he started his first season on House of Cards and it was exactly then that a script he wrote, Sex Ed, got picked up by a prominent director. “You get 10 days to write the first draft of your episode… and I’m working 12 hours a day,” Kennedy says of ...

How to call Bill Murray’s 1-800 number according to ST. VINCENT writer/director

St. Vincent writer/director Ted Melfi thought it was more than a little quirky when he left a slue of messages for Bill Murray on his 1-800 number. He thought, this can’t be the means by which you get a screenplay to an A-list actor like Murray. But it was. Apparently, the 1-800 number was the only way to get in touch. “He has no contact with ...
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