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Murder Mystery writer keeps the comedy grounded while channeling Hemingway

After writing such great action films like Zodiac (directed by David Fincher) Independence Day: Resurgence, and The Amazing Spiderman James Vanderbilt ventures into action-comedy in his recent Netflix film, Murder Mystery, with great success.

TRUTH from writer/director James Vanderbilt

Truth is a film about one of the last major stories CBS news anchor Dan Rather reported on before he retired from a long career as a veteran journalist. In 2004, president George W. Bush was campaigning for re-election, and the news media was intrigued about his former days in the national guard. This is where a 60 Minutes team of ...

Screenwriter James Vanderbilt on WHITE HOUSE DOWN

The marketing for the new action thriller, White House Down, staring Channing Tatum seems to focus more on his dirty white tank top than the plot itself. What does screenwriter James Vanderbilt think of all the hunky hubbub around his new movie? He loves it! This conversation about costuming with the writer who penned The Amazing Spider-Man and ...
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