month : 09/2014 3 results

Writer/director Claudia Myers on FORT BLISS

“For a long time I wanted to write a story about woman who was struggling to balance her career and her relationship with her child,” says Claudia Myers about her inspiration for Fort Bliss. The indie drama is about a female soldier who comes home after her second tour abroad and has to decide whether she wants to return to the front lines – ...

Screenwriter Richard Wenk talks working with Denzel Washington in THE EQUALIZER

“He’s probably the greatest American living actor,” says screenwriter Richard Wenk of Denzel Washington. “I’m a huge fan.” And who isn’t? Philadelphia, Flight, Training Day. The list goes on. So, when Wenk was offered a chance to write the feature adaptation of the 80’s TV show, The Equalizer, with Denzel Washington in mind for ...

Screenwriter Peter Landesman on KILL THE MESSENGER

The idea of the government selling drugs to its own people in order to fund an ideological war overseas sounds like a conspiracy theory to some. To others, like Gary Webb, a journalist of the San Jose Mercury News, it seemed more than possible. Webb reported on the issue in 1996. He was exalted for his work in investigative journalism, but soon ...
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