month : 06/2015 3 results

Writer/director Colin Trevorrow on JURASSIC WORLD

Soon after making the little movie that everyone loved — Safety Not Guaranteed — writer/director Colin Trevorrow was approached by producer Frank Marshall to talk about a “little dinosaur movie.” The move was not little and neither were the dinosaurs. Marshall wanted Trevorrow to try his hand at re-writing Jurassic World, the fourth ...

Writer/director Andrew Bujalski on RESULTS

The world of crossfit has taken over the fitness scene, but what about bringing its competitive edge to the world of romantic comedies? Writer/director Andrew Bujalski thought the athletic atmosphere would be a great setting for a movie about love and life and people trying to get “results.” “I like a lot of those people, but they can ...

Director Bao Nguyen on LIVE FROM NEW YORK!

Chevy Chase. Eddie Murphy. Kristin Wiig. They all have one thing in common. Saturday Night Live. The live comedy sketch show has been on for 40 years, and it’s about time someone made a documentary on this eclectic group of people responsible for weekly commentary on the state of pop culture in America. How are they always so funny? How do ...
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