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ZIPPER, a political thriller from writer/director Mora Stephens

“With every character I write I try to put myself in their shoes,” says writer/director Mora Stephens of the troubled protagonist in her new thriller, Zipper, the story of a rising political star who becomes obsessed with call girls. Zipper, staring Patrick Wilson, has been a festival favorite for its unique point-of-view of a protago...

BREAK POINT writer Jeremy Sisto on writing a tennis comedy

"With all the effort it takes to get these things made, there are so many opportunities to stumble and lose track of the story that you want to tell,” says actor Jeremy Sisto of the screenwriting process. This is his first foray into writing for the big screen. “I marvel at the eloquence of it and the restraint that it takes to reveal ...

THE PARK BENCH, a one-location shoot from writer/director Ann LeSchander

  First time writer/director Anne LeSchander shot her feature film in seven days for $25,000. If you know anything about making movies, this is a feat in and of itself. The film takes place entirely at one location — except for a few flashbacks and some animated sequences — and it proves to be a captivating, intense look at the ...

SINISTER 2 writer C. Robert Cargill on scaring you with the sequel

“It’s very delicate, frustrating work to go through the ideas you’ve already discarded and find new ideas,” says screenwriter C. Robert Cargill when asked what the challenges are to tackling the sequel to his very popular 2012 horror film Sinister, staring Ethan Hawke. “We didn’t set up to make a franchise, we set up to make a ...

CLUB DE CUERVOS writer and showrunner Jay Dyer on the new Netflix comedy

Jay Dyer is a veteran TV writer having worked on shows like Californication, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, All About the Andersons and Half & Half. So, how did this guy who wasn't much of an expert on soccer and Mexican culture get a series about soccer and Mexican culture for Netflix? “When my agent first approached me, I had ...

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION, a sit down with writer Drew Pearce

If you want to write an action movie, you need to listen to this podcast. Screenwriter Drew Pearce breaks down how he identifies themes, brainstorms set pieces and works through tense moments of Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation, all while hanging out at Tom Cruise’s house! So, how does this vetern screenwriter get started when it comes ...
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