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THE NEW YORKER PRESENTS from showrunner Kahane Cooperman

“The New Yorker has so many great stories, wouldn’t it be great to visualize them?” asks showrunner Kahane Cooperman of the new series The New Yorker Presents. The answer is a resounding yes. ScreenwritingU Magazine sat down with Cooperman who spend most of her career as a producer on The Daily Show to find out what it takes to ...

HOW TO BE SINGLE screenwriter Dana Fox explains why rom-com is a dirty word

Powerhouse Hollywood comedy writer, Dana Fox, is sick and tired of hearing the word “rom-com” when it comes to describing her movies. She’s written What Happens in Vegas, Couples Retreat, The Wedding Date and the TV show Ben and Kate. ScreenwritingU Magazine sits down with the writer/producer to hear about her new film How to Be Single, ...

ZOOLANDER 2, from screenwriters Nick Stoller and Justin Theroux

It took 10 years to bring the “really, really ridiculously good looking” male model of Derek Zoolander back to the big screen. “But this development process was oddly luxurious,” says Nick Stoller who co-wrote the screenplay with Justin Theroux, Ben Stiller and John Hamburg on and off over the course of a decade. “Usually you ...

TUMBLEDOWN, from screenwriter Desi van Til and director Sean Mewshaw

She was from a small town. He was from every big city in the U.S. and Europe. They were opposites in every way, except when it came to love. And no, we’re not talking about the characters in the new romantic dramedy, Tumbledown, starring Jason Sudeikis and Rebecca Hall. We’re talking about the filmmakers. Screenwriter Desi van Til and ...
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