month : 10/2021 2 results

Real Women Have Curves Showcased at the Museum of Motion Pictures

The recently opened Academy Museum for Motion Pictures reworks the old May Co. building at the corner of Fairfax and Wilshire in Los Angeles, transforming the four-story space into a film-lover’s paradise. It has gorgeous theatres and carefully curated exhibition halls, where nearly all aspects of filmmaking is paid tribute. The ongoing ...

Queenpins Writers Balance Comedic Tone with Real-Life Drama in Coupon Caper

  Queenpins is a quirky crime comedy inspired by a trio of women who made millions of dollars in an elaborate coupon scam. Married writer/director team Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly have a background in documentaries and journalism so when they stumbled upon this true story after visiting an FBI website, they knew they had the ...
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