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Golden Arm Writers Don’t Take No for an Answer

You may know Jenna Milly as the Editor in Chief for Screenwriting Magazine, this fabulous writing blog that shares inspiration from both successful and emerging writers, along with tips on the craft of screenwriting all to support this lovely writing community. I’m incredibly excited to share with you that Milly and her writing partner, Ann ...

Want to Ramp Up the Emotional Tension in Your Story? Try This

One of the most important elements of any story is the emotional tension -- it’s the stuff that makes audiences cry, scream, gasp, and swoon. When you ask most people what their favorite movie is, they often give an emotional reason for loving it. For me, it’s the classic “It’s A Wonderful Life” (1946). I watch it every year, and every ...

Oscar-Nominated Kristen Wiig & Annie Mumolo on Going from Sketch to Screenplay

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, written by and starring Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, is one of the silliest movies you’ll ever see. It’s also one of the most joyful. With bright colors and a sexy Jamie Dornan, watching the movie is like devouring a giant spoonful of marshmallow fluff ­– and it’s exactly what we all need right ...

Bliss Writer/Director Mike Cahill Takes Inspiration From an Ancient Philosopher

If you’ve seen any of writer/director Mike Cahill’s previous films (Another Earth, co-written by actress Brit Marling, 2011;  I Origins, 2014), you know he’s obsessed with exploring mind-tripping alternate realities by crashing science into spirituality. His latest film, Bliss, stars Owen Wilson as Greg, a man reeling from a recent ...

The Poetic, Visual Rhythm of Viggo Mortensen’s Film Falling

Falling is a beautiful film about a son’s experience growing up with an overbearing, often cruel, sometimes amiable father who is now aging and starting to fall into dementia. Anyone who’s ever cared for a parent suffering a similar fate will recognize the painful look on John (Viggo Mortensen) and Sarah’s (Laura Linney) faces when their ...
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