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Screenwriters Craig Borten and Melisa Wallack on DALLAS BUYERS CLUB

When screenwriter Craig Borten first read about an AIDS patient who was selling black market prescription drugs to other patients in need of alternative medical assistance, he was instantly intrigued. This subsection of the AIDS culture, known as private buyers clubs – where patients join clubs to receive their own medical advice as well as ...

Screenwriter Josh Singer on THE FIFTH ESTATE

By Jenna Milly Those familiar with eccentric WikiLeaks inventor Julien Assange know that writing a movie about him would be an enormous endeavor to say the least. Screenwriter Josh Singer got his fill when asked to adapt two books, hundreds of online articles and a heap of text chains between Assange and his coworkers into one two-hour movie. ...

Screenwriter Danny Strong on LEE DANIELS THE BUTLER

For nearly three and a half decades the White House had a man under its roof who saw almost as much as an of its presidents. His name was Eugene Allen and he was head butler. When Washington Post reporter Wil Haygood wrote an article about the extraordinary life of this White House employee who served under eight presidents, Hollywood jumped at ...

Interview: FLIGHT Screenwriter John Gatkins

“I got sober when I was 25,” screenwriter John Gatins tells ScreenwritingU in a very personal one-on-one interview about his new drama, Flight, the story of a pilot who saves the lives of everyone on his plane only to be questioned about his own state of sobriety while flying. Gatins uses his experiences with addition to mold the character ...

POLITICAL ANIMALS Writer / Producer, Molly Newman

Hal Croasmun of ScreenwritingU talked with writer/producer Molly Newman about the upcoming show POLITICAL ANIMALS. There’s a lot of buzz about this mini-series that premiers on Sunday, July 15th on USA Network.  It was created by Greg Berlanti and stars Segorney Weaver, ,James Wolk (“Shameless”), Sebastian Stan (“Gossip Girl”), Ellen ...
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