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THAT SUGAR FILM, a sit down with writer/director Damon Gameau

We’ve all heard before how bad sugar is for the body, for kids and why we should cut it out, but you’ve never heard it quite like this. Australian TV personality Damon Gameau created a documentary about sugar that will have you throwing out every cup of low fat yogurt, healthy cereal and juice in your house. That’s right, That Sugar Film ...

Documentary filmmakers Kief Davidson and Daniel Junge on A LEGO BRICKUMENTARY

Less than ten years ago, the Lego Group struggled with a debt crisis that nearly caused them to go bankrupt. It’s hard to believe that was even possible given the rise of Lego building sets and The Lego Movie that grossed more than four and a half million dollars in worldwide. “Everything is awesome” seems to be the name of the game when ...

Writing partners Josie McGibbon and Sara Parriott on DESCENDANTS

Thirty years after starting their career as writing partners in Hollywood, Josie McGibbon and Sara Parriott are still making waves. Their latest feature is the Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants. What happens when the Disney villains have kids and then those kids go to high school with the Disney heroes? A big mess of fun and ...

Writing partners John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein on VACATION

“Get in the car kids, or perhaps you don’t want to see the second largest ball of twine on the face of the earth which is only four short hours away…” says Chevy Chase playing Clark W. Griswold in the classic 1983 romp-com National Lampoon’s Vacation. It’s 32 years later, and we’re finally getting another look at what is ...

Screenwriter Douglas Soesbe on BOULEVARD

Being that it was Robin Williams' last film, the quiet indie drama Boulevard is difficult to watch without thinking of the actor's impact on the world and the choices he made in his final days. Screenwriter Douglas Soesbe sits down with ScreenwritingU to discuss his process of writing the script, getting it to Williams and making a movie that ...
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